Family Flock

We joined forces with an organization called Family Flock from Hagerstown PA to bring eggs and chickens to poor families here. We provide families whom have children and have some type of hardship in their life with a mobile chicken house, 10 chickens and feed for one year. We build the chicken houses on site so we can get to know the family much better and just love on them. The families generally help with the construction and their kids always have a blast helping build the chicken house. Generally after a year they understand what it takes to maintain it and it becomes their property. Eggs are expensive here and because the protein in an egg is invaluable to children with deficient diets it is a great way to help them stay healthy. Its not a “hand out’ but a “hand up” because it is intended to help the family with food and a micro-business. Some of the recipients have been real entrepreneurs and fed their families eggs, sold eggs to neighbors and even hatched and raised many generations of chickens that they could eat and also have a source of income. It is a great program and we are proud to be a part of it. Visit Family Flock on Facebook as well.