School Activity Area

Zapote is a very beautiful hilly and mountainous area. To grow up in this countryside is great unless you love sports and have to start high school in a city and have never once step foot on a real volleyball or basketball court. In 2019 we built a multi-purpose activity area for the kids at the school in Zapote. The village has a new problem now, making the kids leave the area when they want to close it. Hey, we were just trying to help!

The widows bathroom

Maria had 5 children when her husband died in a motorcycle wreck. He actually survived the wreck but went back to the clinic after complaining about severe head pain. He never returned home. When we met her she had no indoor plumbing or running water. We scheduled a few mission trips and ran water from a cistern, dug her a septic tank, and built a new bathroom onto her house with indoor plumbing-sink, shower and toilet. Go God! We would like to build her a new house-wanna help?

A blind mans house

Meet Rafael. When we first met him he was living in very bad conditions in a 10 x 10 feet shed not fit to park your lawn mower. But space wasn't his greatest challenge, we found that every time it rained he had 4 inches of water in his house. With no income and no sight he didn't have much hope for a better future. But God and His people are BIGGER than Rafael's problems and now he has a brand new dry house!