VBS 2019

Vacation Bible School 2018 with the kids in Zapote, Dominican Republic.

Rafael the blind mans house

Rafaels Home Construction

English classes

 Meet Joel our English instructor. Joel is from Haiti and has lived in the Dominican Republic with his wife and family for over twenty years. Joel speaks and teaches four languages fluently to both Dominicans and Haitians as well as to many non Dominican foreigners who live in the local area.

These two precious children and their mom sing "Be careful little eyes what you see" in Haitian Kreole. They were part of our Christmas shoe box program and also part of our Family Flock  program.

Teaching the Deaf

This is Threesixteen back in the old days teaching deaf children in Manzanillo, Dominican Republic. There is no greater investment than just loving people, especially those left behind by society because of some thing that's are not in their power to change. Don't believe us? wait for it... wait for it... If you watch this video and think it's over just wait for the cherry on top. And this was after less than a year of returning to visit the town and the deaf students.

Family Flock

This was a past project that Threesixteen partnered with Family Flock to provide chickens, feed and custom chicken housing for the poorest of the poor to raise their own chickens and eggs.